CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #13: Cameron Naylor

Cameron Naylor is a UK-based artist specialising in sound design, and audio-visual installation pieces. Their pieces have been installed in galleries and venues around the UK. They are interested in the intersection of audio and visuals, and how they can be used artistically in installation settings. Their artistic influences are John Cage, Brian Eno, Daito Manabe, Agnes Varda, and Tarik Barri.

"AudioVisions is an audio-visual installation piece I have been working on daily since February this year. Each day I have created a different audio-visual piece, composing the music, and visuals that day. I am an audio-visual artist and composer, so each piece begins with composition, using a variety of techniques (sampling, soundscape composition, electroacoustic composition, etc.), each based around a different concept. These compositions are then brought into Max 8, in which I use my understanding of the programming language to map sounds to visual modulation. 

In some pieces, OpenGL is used to render 3d objects, which interact with volume, frequency bands, and other such musical parameters. Much like the music, I aimed to create a unique identity each day, this is achieved by utilising techniques such as displacement mapping, video splicing, and parameter manipulation. As a result of the programming, all videos are procedurally generated according to the musical content. Now at 100 pieces, I am moving into the second phase of the project, the installation itself.

My plan for the future of the piece is to composite each video into one big video, and programme an accompanying program that auditions the music indeterminately, for viewers to listen to while they watch the displayed video. This piece explores the cross-domain mapping of audio to visuals, and how programming can be utilised artistically to create a cohesive product. The end product will see audiences using sound to identify the corresponding visual as they take part in an indeterminate installation piece that is generating in real-time.

I have previously been commissioned by Leeds Museums and Galleries to create a soundscape and visualiser celebrating contemporary musical talent in Leeds as part of the Sounds Good Soundscape installation, as well as producing contemporary pieces for the Leeds City Museum Bicentennial exhibition."

You can see more of their work on CuratorSpace, their website, or connect with them on Instagram


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