CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #13: Daura Campos

Daura Campos is a Latinx, self-taught, lens-based artist based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Her photographic practice challenges traditional image-making processes, revealing itself as more than a meta-commentary with a subtext that prompts broader conversations on the implications of existing in a dissident body.

"My project 'Secret Visibility' has been in production since August 2021 and is expected to be exhibited in 2022 in Baltimore's Nefarious Contemporary Gallery and Toronto's Gallery 44. The project aims to challenge traditional art-making techniques and hegemonic belief structures, especially as they relate to gender and sexuality. The images will consist of 35mm film photographs of the walls of my home, which will then be soaked in different site-specific ingredients, left to dry, and processed, culminating in the creation of painterly, abstract images.

The work explores how the domestic has been canonically both a safe and violent space for dissident people, aspects which have been accentuated due to restrictions during the pandemic. The home ceases to be a safe space for those who live with someone who engages in oppressing them, but it has also fails to be one for those who can only express themselves freely in it, away from the public eye and potential violence; in the end, how liberating can a space be if it is the only one where you can be in without fear?"

You can see more of Daura's work on CuratorSpace, her website, or you can connect with her on Instagram


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