CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #21: Diane Ketteringham

Diane Ketteringham is an interactive installations artist, engaging with passersby to explore their emotional, social and cultural landscapes and inviting them to break conventions. She explores ‘sharing’ in its widest sense through artworks where she is often an active participant.

"Having lived in different cultures and experiencing culture shock on my return to UK each time, most of my practice centres around cultural issues. I have created a number of engaging and hopefully thought-provoking interactive installations exploring hoarding, leaving home, urban alienation and isolation, attitudes to giving, receiving and sharing money and personal information and how (if at all) as a culture, we make people welcome.

I now plan to create a larger-scale installation whereby participants have the experience of making a journey with an uncertain passport. I will use the bursary to create the passports as part of this work."

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