CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #21: Eve Schroeder

Eve Schroeder is a multi-disciplinary artist and maker exploring themes of Fat Justice and Fat activism in contemporary illustration and arts practices. Through this research, she has created work that more accurately and positively represents the fat body.

"The aim of my work is to bring attention to the injustices that fat members of our society face due to rampant anti-fat biases, and to improve the representation of fat people in contemporary illustration. I use textiles as a medium due to its historic relationship with activism and justice. I often experiment with symbolic visual language, for example, themes of The Garden of Eden from the perspective of Eve as the disobedient woman. Fat women are often perceived as being disobedient, failing to resist temptation or to maintain societal beauty norms.

My work has gained recognition from Manchester Metropolitan University, winning the Design In Context 2023 award, and I have also received a Creative Conscience Impact award. I recently held my first solo exhibition at Compact Contemporary, as well as showing my work in an exhibition at Islington Mill in Manchester. With the support of this bursary, I'll be able to work towards a group exhibition in April 2024, at Didsbury Parsonage Trust."

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