CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #13: Jenny Mc Namara

Jenny Mc Namara is a visual artist from Dublin and based in Newcastle. She holds a degree in a degree in Glass and Ceramics and an MFA in Fine Art. Her practice focuses on visual perception, pattern and how we see and understand imagery. The sculptures she makes are pattern machines – experimentation between surface, space and colour.

"Understanding the way we perceive visual scenes better informs the creation of my work. I encourage audience involvement by manipulating the modular way that the eyes and brain process vision. I’m also interested in minimalism and minimalist theory, which marked a shift in art from object to experience. One of my big research questions is: considering the modular way the brain processes visual scenes, can minimalism promote a more direct and positive visual experience?

My existing project uses programmed LED lights in a sculptural form. This builds on my previous work 'Tunnel Vision' which consisted of immersive moving light patterns. By using colourful, striped, sequenced lights inside a stone tunnel the work interfered with the viewer's sense of spatial orientation and transformed the space to create an optical illusion, making the tunnel feel as if it was gently spinning. The CuratorSpace bursary will enbable me to develop my work further, in particular my knowledge of Arduino programming. I hope to be able to use this knowledge to create larger scale installation and architectural works to exhibit at light festivals."

You can see more of Jenny's work on CuratorSpace or connect with her on Instagram.


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