CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #15: Louise Ward Morris

Louise Ward Morris is a visual artist who works with experimental videos, sculpture, digital animations, installations, and computer networks to question the ever intensifying connection between people and technology.

"I use diverse media to interrogate the role of technology in human perception, including building machines and cameras as exploratory tools. Critiquing society's contemporary relationship with digital images, my current project 'Bodily Limits' is an artistic exploration into sight and touch through the digital image to reimagine how digital media is redefining human perception. 'Bodily Limits' illustrates ideas of technical embodiment, the post human, and phenomenology.

The project involves creating wearable lens-based devices that substitute or modify my sight and touch with digital video. These devices connect to online platforms to record, store and broadcast the videos and while wearing the devices, I experiment with and document how the internet, camera and computer shape my perception. These devices will be worn by performers to create a language of movement that explores the interplay between the aesthetics of the body and video, enabling the body to become part of digital infrastructure. I will use a YouTube channel to broadcast the videos to wider audiences as a vital engagement and feedback mechanism.

This work builds on the artistic research I developed during my Fine Art MA at Central Saint Martins, which included a sculpture and video installation shown at the Saatchi Gallery entitled 'Total Parts' 0.2 (2021). This piece originated from live streaming between a camera and mobile phone while walking blindfolded to develop a unique video aesthetic stemming from the body's movements. The continuation of this project expands the physical and conceptual boundaries of my artistic practice and in the longer term, I hope it will inform my future PhD application."

You can see more of Louise's work on her website, Instagram, and Vimeo


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