CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #11: Mark Tamer

Mark Tamer is an experimental photographer working with both analogue and digital mediums. Through his work he aims to find a balance between chance and control, construction and destruction, signal and noise.

"I work with out-of-date, analogue photographic paper and to tease out the properties that have changed the chemical structure of the paper over many years. Damp, light, heat etc as well as the natural breakdown of the surface. Photography records time with the click of the shutter - 200th of a second or 30 seconds, all rendered in one image. Or it records a moment in time, in the past. I am interested in how time affects the image and its medium, how unseen qualities can lay dormant for half a century only to appear now.

My project  aims to work with this old photographic paper and use sustainable, home-made recipes (coffee, washing soda etc) to bring out these latent patterns and physical qualities. I intend to use these to form the basis of a physical show where viewers can look in detail at the forms discovered. I am also currently working with a colleague to develop our own online gallery where the work can enjoy a larger audience."

You can see more of Mark's work here

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