CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #15: Rosalind Lowry

Rosalind Lowry is a sculptor and installation artist who works with the land and environment in a range of materials. In 2021 she was elected to the Royal Society of Sculptors. She studied Fine Art at Chelsea and St. Martin's Schools of Art and has won several awards including a Social Art Award in 2021 from The Institute for Art and Innovation in Berlin.

"I have been experimenting with printing into the soil with block prints carved from various materials. As part of this project I will create a series of soil prints for a local women's artists collective for a festival in Belfast. These prints will be situated in parks, and derelict sites of women from the history of Belfast who contributed to the culture, arts, growth, education, and health of the city. As most of this work is ephemaral land art installation, I will also be documenting the resulting prints in the form of photographs.

This work is derived from my main influences: the historical human commodification of the land, the disappearing Irish landscape and its heritage and folklore, ecological destruction and social conflict, and the presence and labour of women in the Irish landscape. My focus is working in response to place, and using art as an intervention, leading to the creation of large scale site specific work for regional environmental and nature preservation organisations.

The pieces I make are often temporary, and I dismantle and reuse them in future works, thus creating a lineage and root system throughout my practice, where materials from works made several years ago can still live on in new pieces. Scale is an important feature of my work, along with strectching the capabilities of the materials used, and although my work is created to highlight issues, I aim to produce a poetic and beautiful conclusion, paying tribute to the land, heritage, and resilience of the subject."

You can see more of Rosalind's work on her website and Instagram.


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