Chris Wilmott: IMPACT exhibition

Chris Wilmott is a painter. He develops his works through writing poems which he then converts into visual imagery. His subject is the impact of humanity on nature, and in particular, the consequences of rising sea levels.

"In early 2020 the new phenomenon of Covid-19 was impacting humanity. A gap in thinking appeared. What would be our response? My response was to approach Chaiya Art Awards, proposing to fill a specific gap emerging in our artistic response. I had originally been selected for the Chaiya Art Awards 2020 winners exhibition at the OXO Tower which was due to be shown in Easter. However, Covid put a stop to that and the exhibition is now postponed until 2021.

Rather than leave a vacuum I proposed to Chaiya that they run an interim competiton for the 2020 winners and past winners about the impact around the world of Covid-19 on people, families, healthcare and beliefs. I was delighted and humbled that they agreed and they also extended the brief to include past winners. The result is the digital art exhibition IMPACT, providing an artistic response to Covid-19.

I am always interested in developing partnerships, not just with critical thinkers, curators, journalists, interior designers and galleries, but also with health and marine corporations, in order to add value to Cities of Culture and Culture in Cities, wherever those cities may be."

You can view the IMPACT exhibition here until 30th September 2020, and find out more about Chris on his website.

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