CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #12: Nicola Woodham

Nicola Woodham is a live artist bringing together sculptural e-textiles, drawing, vocal improvisation and noise. In 2019, she began an intensive journey into creative technology and now hand-makes wearable sensors from electronic textile materials and codes for embodied audio performances.

Nicola's existing project is called 'Soft Map', which combines drawing, sculpture, and experimental vocal performance with creative technology. One aim is to shift the emphasis of vocalising to full body movements. 'Soft Map' is a textile floor piece, based on drawings and experimental sound making, using conductive, touch responsive sensors, which trigger samples of her vocal performance or other recorded sounds.

'Soft Map' creates a territory that can be occupied with sound and movement with the aim of amplifying her visibility as a disabled artist, and 'taking up space' within the architecture where the work is situated. To develop this project further, Nicola will create a 'Soft Map' that extends across the floor and walls incorporating fourteen sensors. She will also work with dancer and computational artist, Clémence Debaig, to animate the larger installation. The final work will be performed and live streamed with an interactive q&a session.

You can see more of Nicola's work on her website.


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