CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #17: Caroline Jane Harris

Caroline Jane Harris explores an expansive interest in photography, printmaking and the apparatuses and technologies of image formation from mechanical to digital means. Through a critical and process-based engagement, she explores materiality, image-making, digitality and the artist’s hand, to examine contemporary questions around our relationship with natural environments in the information age.

"Intending to serve peace through meditative acts, I create artworks that go against the grain of speed and automation as an antidote to our fast-paced world. Through manual processes, I forge a relationship between materials, interventions, and audience. With a scalpel, I intricately cut digital prints in ‘bitmap’ matrixes, embedding minute traces of the artist’s hand, turning two-dimensional prints into three-dimensional layered pictures that index both the human and non-human actors involved in the process.

My new project aims to utilise new methods of image-making that will take my work beyond my established 2D, wall-based practice. This includes expanding my digital and software proficiency beginning with stop motion, to experimenting with projecting moving-image onto and through hanging paper-cut installations.

The project will involve manipulating found analogue photographs of the same tree captured in the four seasons, through scanning, printing, hand-cutting and re-capturing. These still images will then be digitally stitched together to make animations, marrying analogue and digital across materials and process. The ‘falling’ cut pixels reference the dropping and reappearing of the leaves in the images themselves, whilst encompassing multiple temporalities to collapse and construe time, dimensions and media."

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