CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #13: Chloe Reynolds

Chloe Reynolds is a figurative painter and is currently working on a series exploring childhood memories and what it means to be female. Since graduating from Leeds Arts University in 2017 she has worked throughout the UK and internationally, completing a handful of residencies such as the ChaNorth Residency in Upstate New York.

Chloe Reynolds paints from the photographic image and is interested in how visual language changes from medium to medium. She also makes drawings which she creates on her iPad to explore composition and colour palettes. Painting from drawings and photographs at the same time is almost like a collage, and in doing so the image is reinterpreted.

Chloe is interested in the uncanny, where images and objects veer between realism and abstraction, and the spaces in between the figures are as important as the figures themselves. The bursary will enable her to upscale her paintings to over 2 metres where she can push the boundaries of her compositions. She has been awarded a scholarship studio space by Leeds Arts University and intends to show the finished works at the end of the tenancy.

You can see more of her work on CuratorSpace or her website, or connect with her on Instagram.


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