CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #16: Geraint Edwards

Geraint Edwards' practice is an exploration of the art-object in an age of the non-object. Through various media such as painting, video, sculptural installation and web-based art, he explores the relationship between our physical and virtual worlds and interrogates our experience and behaviour within and between them.

"My project is the result of a long period of engagement with sound, from football crowds to the gaps in music. The work explores the idea of deconstructing and rearranging a piece of music, using multiple audio components which are triggered simultaneously, like one enormous chord on a very tall score. This sonic equivalent of a colour wheel will create an entirely new sound, blended and free of hierarchy: the 'fingerprint' of the work.

The piece of music I have chosen is the Moonlight Sonata as it has 1154 easily identifiable, discrete piano notes. The work will be installed in a gallery space and set to trigger once an hour, on the hour. I plan to create more versions so that different 'fingerprints' of different pieces of music can be played and compared."

You can find out more about Geraint's work on his website and Instagram.


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