CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #19: Henny Burnett

Henny Burnett is a mixed media installation artist who lives and works in Bristol. She attended Byam Shaw School of Art in London, Fiberworks in Berkeley, California and Edinburgh College of Art. Central to Burnett’s practice is research and public engagement; she has worked on many projects that have involved museum collections, archives and histories.

"My art project, 'A Home for My Son', explores the concepts of belonging, displacement, environment, and inheritance through a series of cast houses crafted from materials such as earth, plant roots, and mycelium. As I expand the range of materials used in my practice, I aim to integrate my work seamlessly into the natural environment. I will travel to the Isle of Eigg to build sand houses on the singing beach, which will be slowly eroded by the wind and tide. This process will be documented through film and still photography.

I chose Eigg as a location for my project to highlight the forced migration of Eigg islanders to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and to strengthen this connection I aim collaborate with Canadian artists. During my visit to Eigg, I will also construct temporary earth cast houses amongst the remains of Grulin village, inspired by the shapes of past and present buildings there. These sculptures will use a rammed earth process, an ancient architectural technique where soils are compressed similar to the formation of sedimentary rock.

As part of this growing project I have been also been awarded a Groundwork residency in King’s Lynn, which will give me the opportunity to investigate the correlation between the landscape, local geology and its architectural history."

You can see more of Henny's work on her CuratorSpace profile.


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