CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #6: India Boxall and Shona Robin MacPherson

India Boxall and Shona Robin MacPherson’s creative research aims to excavate hidden / unheard / unseen narratives regarding invasive and non-invasive plant species and their relationship to the built environment within urban Glasgow. Together, they co-edit MUCK (Must Use Critical Knowledge), a fledgling online library that promotes text dedicated to untangling hegemonic claims to knowledge.

"Our shared studio resides in Glasgow’s East End - it is here that we have collected ideas associated with particular plants that impact and entangle themselves within city planning, urban structuring and the influx of development that has erupted in spaces regarded by developers as 'wasteland'.

We are in the process of researching and developing a new installation with the working title 'THOSE WHO POSSESS DIRT'. This is scheduled to be shown at the New Glasgow Society East End Space, from 19th - 28th June 2020. We plan to create a space within the gallery that can support and cradle creative flourishing and critical thinking through the use of ecofeminist and ecocritical frameworks for supporting flourishing and worlding.

Our aim is to explore ideas of site-as-memory, place-making, and sustainable life-worlds in ways that city planning may have neglected. To do this we will use visual art including drawing, painting, sculpture, textile, along with audio visual mediums such as video and sound, to frame our conversation with the living fauna deemed as contagion / dirt / other.

An informative and informal guided walk will be programmed during the exhibition period, involving identifying local lichen species and non-native plant species in the surrounding built and green environments. All materials used in the process of developing and creating the exhibition will be reclaimed or recyclable and paper will be embedded with seeds in order for works on paper, posters and handouts to take on new life if they are discarded in the future."

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