CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #23: Jacqui Barrowcliffe

Jacqui Barrowcliffe lives and works in North Yorkshire where her practice focuses on exploring human connections to nature and evolving environmental threats. She works across disciplines but is particularly drawn to photography and installation, often responding to a specific space or context through temporary interventions.

"Developed in response to living in a rural area susceptible to flooding my project 'Temporary surface' considers the fragile relationship between nature and human infrastructures in the context of climate change. With this work, I am interested in reflecting on the processes that shape and affect landforms, particularly regarding rising sea levels and coastal erosion.

I experiment with the photographic process cyanotype, using clay and mud from the local landscape to create unique landscapes on old maps of the area, in a process in which I relinquish control and allow the land to create its own trace on the light sensitive surface, redrawing its own path. This then is transformed into a sculptural object, appropriating a common element of our human made landscape, the temporary road sign structure, a warning sign of changes that lie ahead.

The piece considers our impact on our surroundings in the wider scale of time; how the land around us has changed and will change before and after us, and the capacity of nature to reclaim the landscape, gradually erasing our temporary interventions. It is a dialogue between natural and human made landscapes, experimental and digital photographic processes, and 2D and 3D representation."

You can find out more about Jacqui's work at


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