CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #19: Juliana Lauletta

Juliana Lauletta is a photographer working with light painting. To produce her work she builds handmade light props using a combination of LED lights, torches, fairy lights, children's toys, and mobile screens, and incorporating fibre-optic cables, plexiglass, and recycled plastic items.

"In 2019, I built the first 'Planet Maker' to use in my practice of light painting photography. It was presented in 2019 at the Hyperspectral Exhibition in London. It consists of a kaleidoscope in the shape of a triangular pyramid. The kaleidoscope is surrounded by LED lights and added a video screen at the end that reflects inside the kaleidoscope. The video contains images from plants, inks, food, shiny objects, body parts, all in close up, and as the images reflect around the kaleidoscope's mirrors, different types of planets are created.

As you look into the 'Planet Maker', the world around you dissolves into a mesmerising swirl of colours and shapes. Each appearing image produces a new arrangement of light, a new constellation of possibilities. The patterns it creates are not just beautiful, but cosmic. Each image gives birth to a new planet, a new star, a new galaxy made of pure light.The 'Planet Maker' is not just an art installation, but a gateway to the infinite, to the mysteries of the cosmos. The illuminated portal invites the audience to find and capture their favorite planet and transports them to another dimension.

As a photographer, I have spent years exploring the art of capturing moments through my lens. While I love what I do, I have recently found myself increasingly drawn to creating immersive installations that engage viewers in a multi-sensory experience. Currently, the 'Planet Maker' is small, around 30cm. My plan is to scale it to 1m so the effects can be even more striking. It will be placed inside a box covered with small square mirrors like a cubic disco ball. The larger kaleidoscope would be easier for the public to interact with and give me greater visibility in the Brazilian art community, and further afield."

You can see more of Juliana's work on her website.


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