CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #16: kane stonestreet

kane stonestreet (b. 1992, Lancs) is a multidisciplinary performance artist. Their practice is informed by visual art histories, from their time at Glasgow School of Art (2012-2015) where they specialised in Sculpture & Environmental Art. Their art school punk band Pennycress led them to DIY subcultures. They toured North America with Joanna Gruesome, screamed on Shetland with Damn Teeth and sang about roast dinners with Cat Apostrophe.

"My current research and thinking is around transgressive gender identities - dyke and fag. I am currently building a persona of a fagdyke. I want to cross and meld binary lines. I’m thrilled to live in this knotted duality and implied perversion. I am looking to explore all the gritty, hardy exertion of dykery with the flamboyance and joy of faggotry. My project will delve into the deeply sexual and tender energy of queer kinship and self-expression.

I want to develop systems of layering sound which will allow the audio to move from ambient soundscapes to thumping bassy techno. My work sits in the realm of Live Art. I am inspired by lineages of improvisational music and action-based performance art. An important point of reference is Bow Gamelan Ensemble. My previous work has been more subtle and gentle, but I am now looking to create a spectacle. In the future there will be fireworks. The soundscape will be combined with performance actions and images to create an installation-style performance for a gallery setting."

You can see more of kane's work on their website and Instagram


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