CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #5: Laurie Ramsell

Laurie Ramsell’s cross-disciplinary practice investigates what it means to be human in an age of genetic modification, virtual reality, and disruptive technologies, often explored through the use of biological materials.

In developing his artistic research, he collaborates with scientists and academics both nationally and internationally to engage wider audiences in new scientific discoveries and bio-art practices. These projects have included exploring the human genome using zebrafish embryos, and creating living bioart maps from slime mould cultures.

Over the last 6 months Laurie has been investigating how we can create better-connected communities in cities, using natural processes found within cell biology. This process drew analogies between the cell and the city by exploring how specialised proteins move organic cargo and build networks in cells, to propose better ways of designing city infrastructure.

Through working with a range of movement artists, bioethicists and nanotechnologists, Laurie has already developed choreography and soundscapes which performers can present across the city. He will use the CuratorSpace bursary to create props and costumes for the performances based on this existing research, as well as documenting these through video. The project is also supported by Birmingham Open Media through their Fellowship program.

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Image: (Left) LYNNEBEC, Sipho Ndlovu (Right) 'The Inner Life of the Cell', John Lieber.


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