CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #23: Luminara Florescu

Luminara Florescu is an artist, curator and creative director living in Somerset, UK. Within her practice, she considers themes of wellbeing and self care, including how disabled artists and those with caring responsibilities can sustain a thriving and exciting art practice. Public engagement, collaboration and playfulness are integral to the activity of co-creation within her work.

"The 'If We Were Truly Visible' project is part of a larger body of work titled, 'Rest as Protest' which integrates activism and disability advocacy into my practice. My aim is to open up conversations around the human and environmental cost of living under the capitalist imprints of hyper-productivity, grind culture, and consumerism and advocate instead for a more balanced and compassionate approach that prioritises the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet at large. My practice also delves into ideas of Inclusion, Access, and Rest, challenging the capitalist constructs of Grind Culture and Over Working. 

The aim of this project is to create a short film and soundscape as part of my 'Image Maker in Residence' artist residency with The Sociological Review Foundation at Lancaster University. The film aims to highlight the societal norms contributing to the marginalisation of those with hidden disabilities and features my Self-Care Scarfs. Within the work the scarfs act as wearable art forms that become symbols of social resistance, allowing wearers to reclaim their agency and challenge prevailing stereotypes. The film will be hosted on The Sociological Review Foundation’s website with details of the making process shared via their social media accounts during the residency period."

You can find out more about Luminara's work at


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