CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #12: Sophie Bullen

Sophie Bullen's practice explores collaborative fiction-making, often centring projects around natural forms, such as rocks or islands. Her work considers how stories can evolve and adapt over time. She is also a co-founder of Freehold Projects, a support network which curated a series of events and exhibitions in Leeds City Centre.

"My current work in progress is a collaborative, curatorial project about a semi-fictional island somewhere on Earth. The project will begin with my idea of what the island is, how it looks, the plants that grow there, and its history. These ideas will contribute to a digital portfolio of texts and images produced by myself and a series of selected artists, and will be exhibited online as a video game. Audiences will then be able to 'walk' around the island discovering artworks.

This project builds on a previous exhibition I curated, 'After the Exploration of' at CAVE Project Space in 2018. This considered the idea that a foreign world had been discovered and explorers had returned with data that need to be decoded. Works were presented as 'found' videos offering an insight into this mysterious place and its culture. The resulting installation produced an eerie, yet humorous effect, which considered artistic and literary traditions around exploration and discovery in science fiction."

You can see more of Sophie's work on her website.


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