CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #16: Tina Ramos Ekongo

Tina Ramos Ekongo is an Equatorial Guinean painter and illustrator, based in the UK. She obtained her bachelor degree in 2010 from Escuela Superior de Disenyo (School of Design) in Valencia, Spain. Her work explores diasporic identity and heritage.

"My aim is to create a series of photographs and a short video, as part of an art audio-visual installation. The work will portray four Chester or Cheshire residents from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities making their version of the Chester Pudding - a Victorian regional version of a Lemon Meringue Pie. Each person will be given the original recipe and they will adapt it according to their cultural heritage and the influence the region has had on their lives.

In the video, each participant will answer three questions in response to how welcome they felt when they arrived, any experience of racism, and if they consider Chester and the region their home. Through the use of a traditional Chester recipe, I aim to showcase the diversity of the region and the cultural richness of its people."

You can see more of Tina's work on her Instagram.


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