Featured Artist: Alex Dodsworth

As part of our subscription package, we are launching a new featured artist section which showcases artists and the specific projects they are working on. The first of these is Alex Dodsworth, whose creative photography practice has developed into the production of collaborative zines, addressing issues of the representation and visibility of LGBT people.

“I’ve been working seriously as an artist for about a year, but I’ve been interested in art and photography for my whole life; ever since I got my first camera in primary school and started taking pictures of my friends. Since focusing on my photography, my work has become more bold, creative, and political. I’m also heavily inspired by artists like Nan Goldin and Diane Arbus.

My work is influenced by my own identity as a queer man and the lack of authentic, positive representation of the LGBT community drives me to keep doing what I do. My aim is to photograph the community in a way that truly represents them, whether that’s in their homes, at huge pride events, or in my studio.

It’s important to me that more people from the LGBT community are visible rather than just the image of a stereotypical gay cisgender man. I want to be able to create images that really make a difference for the person I’m photographing, and for society as a whole.

I’m also opposed to retouching in photography, so it’s important to me that the images I make are more realistic representations of the people I’m photographing. Therefore, I don’t retouch people’s portraits to remove “imperfections” or to make them look more “beautiful”.

I work mainly with my digital camera as it’s quick and, unlike film, I’m able to shoot hundreds of images in a few hours, have them transferred to my phone within an instant and sent back to the person I’m photographing. Being able to show my work to them immediately and see their smiles is what makes it all worthwhile.

My next project is a series of collaborative zines. It’s entitled 'Say What You Mean™' and is a zine that allows people the space to do exactly that - to say what they mean. It is an unfiltered, authentic representation of you, who you are and what want to say; to yourself or to someone else.

Each zine will represent the person in it, having a different colour scheme and layout to best fit the personality of the person featured. Initially I will be photographing the wider LGBT community so anyone who isn’t 100% cisgender or straight can get involved. It’s open to everyone, from those who are loud, bold, open and proud, as well as those who are extremely closeted and perhaps I’m the first person you’ve come out to.”

To see more of Alex’s work or to get involved with his upcoming project, get in contact:

Instagram: @alex__tyler_
Facebook: Alex Dodsworth
Email: alexdodsworthphotography@gmail.com


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