Liam Collins: Lockdown Projects

Liam Collins is a mixed media artist whose artwork has featured in exhibitions in England, Holland and Spain. He is the founder of the Travelling Art Show, a project for which he also produced the book 'Oduntune Place Sculpture Park'. Although he resides in the UK, he has spent much of his life in Spain and was the artistic Director of the Alta Mancha Art & Drama School, La Herradura, Granada.

"I am a UK-based Artist who has dedicated my career to a life-long process working with and exhibiting art and site-specific sculpture, made from precious metals and found materials. My work includes influences from astrophysicists to the ancient worlds and has been shown across the UK and Europe. My work aims to encourage critical thinking through the study of progressive knowledge. By researching the thought processes that ancient people went through, I look for playful provocative puzzles designed to encourage curiosity and wonder. This includes the deep wisdom and insight that led them to become early inventors and architects of science. For example, my work 'Curators Dream' consisting of a mechanical swinging pendulum and clock gears, represents the positions of creative thought, emotion and belief. 

Over lockdown, I have focused on painting the outside of my house with an artist's paintbrush, as a meditative and zen-like process, wasting time positively. The hardest thing about it was all the people walking by stopping to talk to me about what I was doing, when all I wanted was to be left alone with my thoughts in my own little isolated world. Other works I've made have been created from the materials I had to hand, such as a paintbrush which had dried hard in the shape of The Hand of Fatima. It represents peace and good luck in times of crisis. When you're isolated, and have no art materials, the artist's tools can become the art."

You can see more of Liam's work on his website, or follow him on Instagram.

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