Revolve:R, edition four / Artwork Gifting

Revolve:R, edition four began in summer 2021 and our bookwork is set to be published by the close of 2023. As edition four kicked off partly with an open-call on CuratorSpace we thought to link back here with an opportunity / offer to coincide with the edition four launch.

We’re gifting a complete set of artwork and poetry pages from edition four (as individual artwork pages), on a first come basis, to anyone who’d like a copy. We’ll send the artwork to you wherever you are in the world, free of charge, along with some other bits & bobs.

As well as this all who reply shall automatically be entered into a ‘lucky-dip drawer’ with one lucky winner receiving a free copy of the edition four bookwork publication.

Revolve:R, edition four (Arrow Bookworks, 2023) 

Works by: Sam Treadaway, Ricarda Vidal, Portia Winters, Eva Wang, Alicia Torres, Sébastien Théraulaz, Kate Street, Daniel Smedley, Kelsey Skordal, SHEARglass, Matt Rowe, Jessica Michelle Le Roux, Pietro Reviglio, Bernd Reichert, Juneau Projects, Mika Plutitskaya, Liza Neklessa, John Matthias, Domingo Martínez, Lovegrove, Will Kendrick, Karl Katschthaler, IAM13e, Sarah Hinds, Alice Hendy, Heather Harvey, Emmy the Harp, Kailum Graves, Georgie Grace, Patrick Galway, Sève Favre, ELAWIATR, Gen Doy, Amy Dickson, Charmagne Coble, Diana Ali.

"Picking up from where edition three left off Revolve:R, edition four holds a virtual litmus paper to the air and a finger to the pulse of the contemporary world to creatively explore some of the key issues of our times. Of central focus in this new edition is climate justice and the ever present Climate Change Emergency and escalating Ecocide (which governments in 2023 continue to enable).

Set against a backdrop of Covid-19 and the era of lockdowns the work naturally reflects this time as well as other prominent topics of the age including: Human Rights, Animal Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Gender, Race and Sexual Equality, as well as the interplay between the Arts and Activism. In summary, edition four reflects on what it might now mean to be human in an ever complex and chaotic world, during these crucial times of change and invites us to embrace the possibility of creating a sustainable and liveable future for everyone, everywhere. The collective work of Revolve:R, edition four is thus intended to gently ask an open-ended question of its readers: If not now, when? If not you, who?"

Learn more about the project here:               

Follow on instagram: @samtreadaway 

To receive a free Revolve:R artwork print simply get in touch at with the following: 

> Name & postal address.

Also, If you’re an artist, writer, filmmaker, musician, activist, actor, or computer scientist, and are potentially interested in being considered for our next edition, you’re welcome to send us some info about what you do and weblinks which we’ll keep on record for future planning.

Contact: (alternatively DM via instagram @samtreadaway) by 31.10.2023 by 11:59pm (BST).  Thank you.

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