Sophie Cundale: Bursary #1 update

Sophie Cundale, recipient of the first CuratorSpace bursary, has now completed her project, and has been back in touch to share some of her research processes and what she’ll be doing next.

"I used the CuratorSpace bursary to fund a 6 week period of pre-production development for a new film project The Near Room; a fictional narrative film which follows two figures, a boxer in the present day and a medieval queen.

Interviews and visits formed the main basis of research. This involved spending time at Kings College London’s IOPPN, in conversation with doctors and researchers in the field of psychiatric medicine and care. I also visited boxing gyms across the UK to watch professionals in training, and interviewed those with expert knowledge of life within the sport. These interviews, informal conversations and experiences were then incorporated into the script.

The project has been evolving over the last two years, with the narrative constantly changing with discoveries in my research and new experiences relating to the core subjects of desire and grief. During this time, my writing practice became more visual, with images rather than words forming the basis of the narrative.

The image shown above was taken on a research trip to Ingles Gym in Wincobank, Sheffield. The lines on the floor relate to a set of coordinates designed and patented by the late Brendan Ingle, a world-renowned boxing trainer, to aid with the footwork and coordination of boxers as they learn the sport. Brendan’s son Dominic Ingle is now head trainer at the gym, home to world champions for over fifty years.

The bursary supported the time to undertake the further research necessary for the completion of the script, and has contributed to the submission of a successful Arts Council application.

The work is currently in production with Film and Video Umbrella and will be exhibited in 2020 at the South London Gallery."


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