Timothea Armour: This is Moth Death

This Is Moth Death by Timothea Armour is the first of four new audio works commissioned for Beacon Tower by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

This is Moth Death takes the form of a radio drama set in a pub. This 24 minute audio work dramatises the ecology that surrounds The Beacon tower by finding parallels between their nocturnal life led in liminal urban spaces and the music, nightlife and accompanying subcultures that do the same; simultaneously thriving and constantly under threat from capital and redevelopment.

The audience are eavesdropping on the conversation at a nearby table where a band is having a post-rehearsal pint. All of the band members are bats.

The work loops daily from 11am - 5pm, is sited in the Beacon Tower and can be accessed without booking. You can download a transcript of the work and a map highlighting the pubs and bat activity of the local area here.

Timothea Armour is an artist, writer (and bartender) living in Leith. She is interested in the ways in which social lives and networks of support can be documented in art and through writing and informal or amateur forms of knowledge and networks of distribution – anecdote, music fandom, field recording.

This work is a further exploration of the themes and ideas developed in The Neighbours are Bats, an ongoing collaboration between Timothea Armour, Esme Armour and Yasmine Akamune-Miles.

You can find out more about this and other Beacon Tower Commissions here.

Image credit: Bat Sketch, Timothea Armour, 2020

The Beacon Tower Commission programme has been made possible by the Cultural Organisations and Venues Recovery Fund and with the ongoing support of Creative Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council.


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