Video artists on Leeds Big Screen: January 2019

CuratorSpace is working with Leeds Big Screen to showcase artists with a connection to Yorkshire who work in film and video. Films will be screened in Millennium Square at 1pm and 6pm daily throughout January. Here are the artists who will be showcased this month.

Sian Blake
A Short Stop Motion Film, 0:34, 2018

Sian Blake is a 2nd year BA Fine Art student at the University of Leeds. She uses a range of mixed media from drawing to digital artwork, however she currently has a preference for digitally based artwork highlighting the impact of humans on the environment.

Eirini Boukla
The Creation of Heavens, 2:36, 2018

Eirini Boukla is an artist, researcher and lecturer in art and design. She takes up and make use of a variety of mediums, which often merge, to explore the possibilities of contemporary drawing practice and its systems of authorship. Her research is principally practice led and studio based. A recurring question is how new technologies impact on previous processes, in particular within the practice of drawing and its methods of tracing and how we can interpret, analyse and reconstruct new meanings of authorship. 

'The Creation of Heavens' aims to situate new media in relation to a number of other areas of culture, both past and present the work explores a gravity free space that enables an imagining of movements beyond the natural laws of physics and considers film-animation (amongst other narratives of the moving image) not as a concept per se but as a genre or set of techniques from which to develop particular concepts: graphic representations and its relations between different kinds of movement, different kinds of time, and different kinds of space.

John Cockshaw and Robert S. Malan
The Sign of the Shining Beast, 11:53, 2015

Inspired by French filmmaker Chris Marker, ‘The Sign of the Shining Beast’ is a collaborative moving image project between Writer Robert S. Malan and Artist John Cockshaw. Exploring themes of fractured memory, dream logic, apocalypse and visions of the subconscious, 'The Sign of the Shining Beast' is an enigmatic and ethereal vision with a monologue by Robert S. Malan and original music and visuals by John Cockshaw.

Clare Dearnaley
Swift as Light, 4:20, 2017

Clare Dearnaley is an Artist / Filmmaker with First Class degree in Fine Art and a Post Grad in Electronic Imaging from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, she began making films, videos and installations at art school. After 20 years in the film and television industry she now works independently by commission and regularly collaborates with other practicing artists, filmmakers and community. 

‘Swift as Light’ is a responsive film created to the work of artists Juliet & Jamie Gutch. Filmed in permanent motion, these mobile sculptures are inspired by Swifts. From the moment this bird takes flight it is eternally airborne, eating, drinking, sleeping and mating on the wing. It will only come to earth to nest and breed. Swifts are not designed for land, their wings are too long, legs too short to regain flight. The film attempts to express the reverie, of ethereal light and sky on the wing, underpinned by the sadness of eventual return to land.

Geraint Edwards
Conflux, 5:00, 2015

Geraint Edwards is a Welsh, Sheffield-based artist. His work is an exploration of the art-object in an age of the non-object. Through various media such as painting, video, sculptural installation and web-based art, his practice explores the relationship between our physical and virtual worlds and interrogates our experience and behaviour within and between them, considering themes of space, objectivity, erasure and connection. He is self-taught and his chosen focus comes from a passion for questioning virtual/physical hybridity and its potential as a source of creativity and commentary.


Anne Stansfield
Kaboom Launch V2, 1:00, 2018

Anne Stansfield produces artwork that investigates the relationship between people and ‘things’. Her concern is the effects that institutions or their processes can have on individuals or groups. She studied at Universities of Bolton and Lincoln graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with First Class Honours. Since graduating she has produced work for residencies at: Two Queens Studios, Leicester; Surface Gallery, Nottingham; and The Art House, Wakefield.

Kaboom Launch V2 is site-specific, beginning with a space and developing from elements that explore failure and relationships; it retains a sense of fun in its process and production.

Jack Thomson
Business is Brutal, 3:00, 2017

Jack Thomson is a dance artist, practicing performance, photography choreography and film. Graduating from The Rambert School, he now dances professionally and in 2015/2016 was a recipient of a Weston Jerwood Creative Bursary to develop further as an artist.

"Combining my interests outside the studio, with those inside, is where my personal multidisciplinary approach of creating has evolved from, this approach has resulted in the broad range of work you see on my website ; movement, dance and performance stay at the core of all the work I create."

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