Video artists on Leeds Big Screen: March 2019

CuratorSpace is working with Leeds Big Screen to showcase artists with a connection to Yorkshire who work in film and video. Films will be screened in Millennium Square at 1pm and 6pm daily throughout March. Here are the artists who will be showcased this month.


Si ieng Fung
6 Million Buttons In Our Hands, 1:46, 2014

Si ieng Fung explores the relations between material and space, light and shadow, transmission and reflection. '6 Million Buttons In Our Hands' is a short film produced by students of the University of Huddersfield. It was made as part of an ongoing Memorial Project for genocide in our world's history. In 2006 the community of Huddersfield collected over 6 million buttons to express the scale of loss due to genocide. Plans are now underway to construct a sculpture on the campus of the University of Huddersfield open to the public.


Simon Gregory
Above / Below, 3:51, 2017

Centred around the production of temporary sculptural landscape interventions, Simon's creative practice considers our relationship with the different environments we inhabit. He uses audio and lens based recording media in both analogue and digital formats to explore a contemporary response to landscape.

His current focus investigates the rich metaphorical potential of nature to relate to our current existence, and the ways in which we interpret information to define our understanding of the universe, through historical records, research and scientific discovery. Shifting between a series of material, aesthetic and philosophical concerns. Documentation and publication play a key role in recording these ephemeral manipulations of physical space.

These works form part of a series of three environment based films, with accompanying silent books (mutus liber) and loosely explore the idea of viewpoints and a sense of balance in the alchemical energy contained within opposite forces in nature. 'Above / Below' shows two alternate viewpoints of the same piece of water and explores the ambiguity of the two points of view.


Matthew Harrison-Lord

Moving Walls, 3:16, 2016

'Moving Walls' is a short film by Matthew Harrison-Lord at Espai La Rambleta Exhibition Space in Valencia, Spain. This work is published in Issue 2 of All of the Sins Journal in January 2017. This work came days after Brexit happened when he was on a Creative Europe funded residency in Valencia, Spain. As a reaction to our moving of metaphorical and the possibility of physical borders of our collective place, he decided to spend time moving the walls of my place - the gallery.

Matthew has delivered performance at Live Art Bistro in Leeds, Square Chapel Halifax, Imperial War Museum North, have toured Europe and worked with Franko B in Italy. He has just been commissioned by ACE to make a new theatre work.


Benjamin Oliver
Blunt Sticky (Many Worlds remix), 5:00, 2019

Benjamin Oliver studied art foundation at Jacob Kramer (Leeds) followed by a degree in Sculpture at the Brighton Faculty of Art. Once there, he discovered film-making and a combination of the two set him on his career path to date. Back in Leeds in ‘91, Oliver began producing surreal films for some of the most debauched clubs in the North of England; Frottage Cottage, The Kit Kat Club, Vague, The Faversham, Mantos and The Paradise Factory.

Joining forces with Manchester based performance artist, The Divine David, Oliver produced films that won them both national attention and a stream of TV production company commissions with Channel 4, and Channel 5. From 2000 - Present, Oliver has combined his love of film-making with his love of music, producing and directing videos for solo artists, bands and music festivals. A solid understanding of high-impact visuals, combined with traditional and cutting edge technology, helps Oliver produce some of the most spectacular and outlandish visuals of our time. 'Blunt Sticky' (Many Worlds remix) is a music video made on behalf of electronica artist 10-80P.


Jamie H. Scrutton
A Peculiar Imagination, 4:46, 2018

Jamie is an artist based in West Yorkshire. He specialises in combining hand drawn stop motion animation. Jamie has screened his animations at various festivals around the UK, winning the Audience Choice Award for an animation entitled "The Day My Gran Rode A Rollercoaster" at The Winter Gardens Film Festival based in Blackpool, back in February 2017.

This stop motion animation is based on the illustrations tucked away into his sketchbook. This experimental piece allowed him to expand his creative instincts and produce a short snapshot, interacting with the sketches.


Lucy Teoh
Park, 2:26, 2018

Lucy Teoh is an English experimental filmmaker and artist based in Leeds. Her work reflects upon spaces - both physical and abstract - which implore the viewer to reconsider themselves and their surroundings. Many of her films adhere to the combination of analogue and digital techniques and explore the relationship between them.

'Park' is a short digital video shot in Hyde Park, a place in Leeds used as a thoroughfare for university students taking a shortcut to get to their lectures. It is rarely a final destination itself, but instead an in-between place as parks often are. The film intentionally propagates the physical liminality of the location itself, focusing on the many different pathways and routes you can take through the park; as well as the picturesque nature often ignored. The underlying concept of this piece was to make the audience aware of it being a film. This idea of shattering the illusion of film is perpetuated by using vibrant, saturated colours, grain, and diegetic sound which has been altered as to create an unconscious disconnect to the images.


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