Szilvia Ponyiczki Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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We all dream. Dreams are our mind’s unconscious messages - related to whatever occupies the most our mind during the day. Dreams can provide specific solutions to current dilemmas. I dream paintings, I paint dreams. My work examines the representation of nocturnal dreams, focusing on those which appear in the hypnagogic phase. I investigate the potential of lucid dreaming in the creation process.

Interrogations about the self, the personal and collective unconscious and the representation of dreams are at the core of my work. I paint mainly with acrylics, incorporating text elements on different languages into my paintings as a symbol of multiculturality and constant change. The fragmented texts are a metaphor for the unconscious as well. The same way as these texts cannot be fully read or understood; the information from our unconscious cannot be completely retrieved.

After a long incubation period, feeling of being lost, I started to concentrate on my unconscious. Firstly I just mapped my reactions, feelings and behaviour, searching for those childhood events that shaped me who I am now. Later, I turned to my dreams, which I believe can lead us to understand ourselves if analysed sensitively and attentively. I think that to live a happy and satisfying life, one have to believe in their own importance and in a meaningful existence. We have to notice and respect the uniqueness and value of every human being. To achieve these, having a clear sense of one’s own identity and individuality is the key.

I create figurative surrealistic work.

My research on dreams led me to the conviction that depicting my own dreams, partially modified by waking reasoning, could help others to find a way to their own self, realising their own identity, finding a meaning of life.

I prefer to portray at least part of a human body in my paintings, believing that it helps the viewers putting themselves into the depicted situation. The feelings provoked can take the audience to scrutinize their own struggles, to look into themselves.


I Wonder How to Fly, 2020


Moments of Clarity, 2020


Bird in Trance, 2020


The Face of Doubt, 2020


The Hidden Path, 2020


Once Upon a Time, 2020


Evening Walk, 2020


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Recent exhibitions

01/09/2016 — 01/10/2020

// 2020 //

'Lost Stories', Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK /

'Droplets' Exhibition, HallSpace, Boston, USA /

Kapos Art Group Show, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary /

'Art Flags', Main Mall, Kaposvár, Hungary /

Re-imagining the Nolan Principles in Public Life project, National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford...

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