Adele Taylor South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I make handmade jewellery in silver and 18ct gold and a wide range of precious stones, with textures and patterns drawn from close up images of beetles, their wing cases, articulated legs, antennae and focus sing on their jewel like qualities. My work also finds inspiration from landscapes where I create jewellery, prints and small paintings inspired by the landscapes of Iceland and Sweden.

I make contemporary jewellery and small objects using silver and 18ct gold and precious stones. I value practical hand making skills in the creation of my designs and I enjoy letting the material influence and, to some extent, dictate how the pieces of work evolve during production. I have become increasingly interested in pattern and texture as a result of a recent trip to Iceland where I found the linear texture and patterns in the vastness of the dramatic volcanic landscape very inspiring and much of my work since then has been expanding and exploring landscape ideas. The Icelandic colour palet also suited me well as I was drawn to the muted colours and was struck by the similarity of these colours to the subtle and gentle colours which occur in metals and precious stones. Also, as part of my recent exploration of landscape, I have been developing a series of pieces which are a combination of 2D mixed media work created to include small pieces of 3D precious metal jewellery work which occupy their own places in the landscape. I work from my studio in Sheffield which also has a small retail area from which I sell my work in addition to exhibiting and selling through galleries, retail craft shows and trade fairs throughout the country. I also teach small groups practical jewellery making where I also help them to develop their own creativity which forms and integral part of my own creative process.

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