Adeline Timis Dorset, United Kingdom
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Adeline Timis is a Visual Artist and Shaman. Following a feminist path, she is using her own experiences with the world to show social, mental and physical states of the spirit portrayed in her artworks. While the physical body is silenced, censored, tortured, destroyed in a hypocrite 21st century society, the spiritual body is gaining more knowledge, ascending towards a new dimension.

Adeline creates large canvases mostly with vivid oil paint colours. She uses oil paint because she romanticises the buttery texture of the paint which allows her to take advantage of the long-drying time. This gives her unique opportunities to come back to her work and shift the sense of perspective, challenging her patience in front of the canvas which is in fact a mirror to her soul.

Trying to express a little bit of her world, she created a very Utopian and magical way of living to the point of her life and art becoming one in a sacred ritual of ascending to a different dimension. This way of living kept her in-place in moments of complete darkness and heartbreak. Caught between her divine feminine ascension and mere-mortal living, Adeline is trying to find the balance of committing to heal the world and herself.

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