Alison Lam Art London, United Kingdom
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Alison Lam identifies as a neurodivergent, interdisciplinary socially arts practitioner using differing materials such as porcelain, metals, glass and paper. Alison explores the idea of grief, discardment and ostracisation, through exploring and invsestigating process led investigations. She often refers to this process as ‘drawing with her hands’.

I am a neurodivergent British Chinese artist working with porcelain, metals & glass. My work tests the limits of materials, devising new, unexpected pairings. As an Artist Educator working with autistic people & families, I instigate conversations & collaborations examining communication, exploring difference, isolation & belonging. I have an MA in Fine Arts & Social Practice from Middlesex University & am a guest lecturer for MASS Sculpture, Brighton MA Inclusive Arts, & Middlesex University, BA & MA Fine Art.  In 2021 I was Resident Artist at Lauderdale House, supported by Camden Disability Youth Services, devising, planning & delivering workshops to groups of young neurodivergent children and adults. 

I am currently funded by Arts Council England to deliver workshops as part of my ongoing project, Conversation Starters, exploring neurodiverse communication. I will be working alongside Clare Madge from Autism In Museums to develop site responsive workshops, inviting conversations through participants' responses to your exhibitions & collections. Workshops are for families, children and young people.

Workshopping with neurodiverse families and young people supports my research for Conversation Starters.  My interest is in how communication can be facilitated, especially when neurodivergent people can struggle to initiate, maintain & end conversations ‘typically.’ Objects and things can make us stop to reflect and take a “second look” but sometimes we need a bit of encouragement when it is not so obvious.

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