Amelia Frances Wood West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Amelia Frances Wood is a British artist living and working in the Leeds. A Studio holder at Assembly House, Wood's practice is an exploration through different materials she haptically engage with using the hand of the maker and symbolic objects to create anthropomorphic sculptures. These are layered with references to the body, earth and ritual.

Woods tactile approach offers a personal and raw path to the ‘unsugared’ work, revealing the seams of construction and the visible hand of the maker. Using sculpture, textile, drawing and symbolic objects Wood creates a performative platform, using the audience to interrupt the work by becoming a part of it. The viewers participation of looking and positioning in space in relevance to the work, is used in Woods work to disrupt and control the movement of the audience around the space, whilst using static anthropomorphic forms that tempt to lick shout or spit on the viewer.

Drawing inspiration from the figure, exploring within her work a deeper connection to our bodies. Wood does this through material exploration, working holistically to produce figurative explorations of her experience inside her body connected spiritually to her own state of being. This allows each piece to have a familiarity, a characterisation of something we already know. Skirting the line between 2D and 3D and Wood imagines her work as transcendent drawings coming to life, with the seams and makers' touch evident in their creation, their tactility allowing for a multi sensory response.

Coming from three-generations of farmers, nurturing, growing and interconnectivity with the earth is really important to Wood. Having an allotment inspires her heavily, the element of connecting with the land drives Wood to be hands on with the materials she sculpt with. Wood is interested in traditional methods of craft; ceramics, textile, carving, molding and casting, useing these methods as a center to build her contemporary practice.


A Passing Place, metal, wood, ceramic, fabric, 2021


Red Skins , Cotton, Clay, 2020


watching eyes and crooked faces suit, Calico, black thread, 2019


Death of the Craftsman, Terracotta, Spanish coffin, 2019


The well-Behaved Teacup and saucer, Terracotta, Steel, 2019


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