Amy Jackson London, United Kingdom
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Amy Jackson is a conceptual artist with 15 years of experience. She read Fine Art at the Ruskin, University of Oxford in 2006 - 2008. Jackson explores issues such as climate change, consumerism, mental health, social inequalities and critically, how these themes are inextricably linked. Her work often exists outside of the ‘white cube’ and inside the communities it touches.

I am an artist based in East London. I describe my practice as Conceptual as the ideas presented by the work are considered more important than the mediums used. I begin with a concept that often manifests itself through performance, documented with photography, video, drawing, sculpture and exhibited using immersive installations.

Recognising the tragedies of the human condition in the Hypercaptialist era, I challenge critical environmental and socioeconomic issues through art, activism and my work in Responsible Investment. I explore issues such as climate change, consumerism, mental health, social inequalities and critically, how these themes are inextricably linked.

My work also exists outside of the ‘white cube’ and inside the communities it touches through participatory events, immersive installations and street art interventions. I blend philosophy, nature and science to create meticulous immersive experiences in traditional galleries, twinned with happenings in unconventional spaces.

Recent experience includes Kensington + Chelsea Art Week, where I developed ‘Little Voices’. A project bringing together artists from marginalised backgrounds working to reduce inequality through the arts. My work has been featured in The Times, Art World Magazine, Modern Art Oxford, Time Out and can currently be spotted (if you look closely enough) at Whitechapel Gallery.

The work takes solace in minimalist conceptualism, treading lightly and consciously on the planet. Pieces vary from being quite minimalist to large scale but I always calculate and minimise the environmental footprint associated with pieces.

‘Cleaning Squares’ for example, is a series of happenings taking place from 2005 to present. Daily dice are rolled to determine time and location and perfect squares, the length of the artists feet are cleaned and labelled. This darkly humorous performance piece comments upon mental health and the state of the planet.

‘Journey’ began when I collected 1,273 fragments representing tangible memories, slithers of found objects and developed a number system which could be used to describe them, this piece began as a mathematical drawing and later developed into an immersive installation where the code was translated into a three dimensional space.

Many of my pieces use mathematical formulae to create serendipitous aesthetic pieces filled with hidden messages. My latest project ‘The Untouchables’, explores global inequality, I am researching Indian Tantra in order to discover what makes us human and whether untouchability is really a term we should reserve for the world’s richest people. The piece is currently a series of videos, street art installations and hand drawn data mandalas.


House, Newspapers and Mortar, 2015, £500



Every 'a', Newspaper, 2006 - 2016, £200 per Print


For sale

Cleaning Squares, Performance Art, Happenings, Photography and Books, 2005 - Present


For sale

Journey, String and Video Installation, 2016


A Stitch In Time, Antique object, cotton and happenings, 2017


Little Voices, 2020


Projects and exhibitions


Little Voices for Kensington + Chelsea Art Week

11/10/2020 — ongoing

Little Voices is an art piece comprising sculpture, performance, spoken word and visual art. Underrepresented artists and members of society will use a variety of mediums to address the topic: transforming society to solve the climate crisis and the greatest inequalities of our time.

The project includes established and emerging artists from...

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Chelsea Telephone Exchange, London Details

Let There Be White


Private commission. Sculpture using aluminium, copper, neon light strips, glass and mirror.

Socius Technologies Offices, Madrid Details



Public art commission involving mentoring, community engagement and development of various sculptures across Andover. Sculptures use aluminium, steel, light and mirror

The Lights Theatre and surrounding sites, Andover Details

Water Blues


Experiential and immersive happening for 40 participants. Relational art including a three-course meal, coloured water and money.

The Palm, London Details



Experiential and immersive happening for 40 participants. Relational art including a three-course meal and 300 listed items for trading with alcohol

Clapton Table, London Details



Public exhibition, 20 Eventi at various sites in Sabina, near Rome, Italy. Installation including 24 steel cubes, selected photographs, traded objects and maps. Hundreds of steel cubes were hand welded. These were taken across villages in the region of Toffia, Italy. People were invited to trade the steel cubes for something which they deemed...

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20 Eventi, Sabina, Italy Details

One Minute Silence


This installation at Modern Art Oxford comprised of a Steel Cube, Three Books, Documentation Photographs and Accompanying Sound Piece. Minutes of silence were recorded across the world and recorded with photographs. The grey books, displayed alongside the video and sound piece map the coordinated, longitude and latitude of every minute of silence.

Modern Art Oxford, Oxford Details
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