Amy Jackson London, United Kingdom
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Amy Jackson is a conceptual artist with fifteen years of experience. She holds an MFA in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford. Her work is addresses issues such as climate change, immigration, conflict, consumerism and mental health. She explores these topics using dark humour and systems. She uses a variety of mediums to create immersive installations.

Jackson's work frequently addresses issues such as climate change, immigration, conflict, consumerism and mental health and crucially, the undeniable relationship between them. She uses dark humour and mathematical systems to tackle these themes which can often take the form of installations, drawings, photography, videography, sculpture, relational art, happenings and immersive experiences.

Her work which explores war, conflict, immigration and diaspora often uses immersive experiences and relational art to engage its audience. Humans Remain, which will be exhibited in January 2021, will see a banquet table against the gallery wall and a three course meal served. A projection will continue the dining table into another dimension, seeing a live stream of the same meal happening at the same time, with the same number of guests in Gaza. Owing to the electricity issues in the Strip, the connection is likely to cut out throughout the exhibition. Thus highlighting the inequality and inaccessibility of those trapped in conflict zones without freedom of movement.

As part of this series of work, Jackson has also collaborated with diaspora artists and artists who are unable to migrate in times of trouble. She is currently working on an exhibition called I with Duaa Qishta, an artist in Gaza in which the pair will collaborate remotely to analyse superstitions. Bringing together drawings, objects and photography into an exhibition the artists will explore the link between superstition and those in diaspora or war. Considering the way in which one may be superstitious in times of hardship as a futile way of trying to take control of an uncertain future.

Through her research on environmental and socioeconomic data and analytics she has developed a series of installations focussing on society and it’s increasingly fragile dependency on our depleting world. Person Overshoot Day, uses information about the viewers and the combination of their presence to impact the space in terms of sound, smell, air, colour and lighting. Ranging from tranquil to oppressive depending upon the number and type of people in the gallery at any given time.

Jackson is best known for her work Clean, where the artist rolls a dice to determine a location, cleans a square, labels it and documents it. The piece has been ongoing since 2007 and is part of a broader series including Cleaning Squares, Cleaning Removal, and Cleaning House. These pieces use humour and comprise of the performance itself, photographic documentation and a series of installations.

Memory which includes, August, Journey and Value uses mathematical data systems to create drawings, sculptures and spaces that explore our inability to let go of the passing of time. Both of the Clean and Memory collections explore obsessive compulsive behaviour and the behaviours we use to seek peace within the prison of our own minds.


House, Newspapers and Mortar, 2015, £500



Every 'a', Newspaper, 2006 - 2016, £200 per Print


For sale

Cleaning Squares, Performance Art, Happenings, Photography and Books, 2005 - Present


For sale

Projects and exhibitions


Let There Be White


Private commission. Sculpture using aluminium, copper, neon light strips, glass and mirror.

Socius Technologies Offices, Madrid Details



Public art commission involving mentoring, community engagement and development of various sculptures across Andover. Sculptures use aluminium, steel, light and mirror

The Lights Theatre and surrounding sites, Andover Details

Water Blues


Experiential and immersive happening for 40 participants. Relational art including a three-course meal, coloured water and money.

The Palm, London Details



Experiential and immersive happening for 40 participants. Relational art including a three-course meal and 300 listed items for trading with alcohol

Clapton Table, London Details



Public exhibition, 20 Eventi at various sites in Sabina, near Rome, Italy. Installation including 24 steel cubes, selected photographs, traded objects and maps. Hundreds of steel cubes were hand welded. These were taken across villages in the region of Toffia, Italy. People were invited to trade the steel cubes for something which they deemed...

[Read more]
20 Eventi, Sabina, Italy Details

One Minute Silence


This installation at Modern Art Oxford comprised of a Steel Cube, Three Books, Documentation Photographs and Accompanying Sound Piece. Minutes of silence were recorded across the world and recorded with photographs. The grey books, displayed alongside the video and sound piece map the coordinated, longitude and latitude of every minute of silence.

Modern Art Oxford, Oxford Details
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