Andrea Hobson West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Winner of art battle Manchester Dec 2018 and a long standing student of Artworks art school on Halifax. I have my own studio at home where I work. I have had an exhibition Hebden Bridge which launched my art business. I show work locally in Halifax and have commissions on the go most of the time. My career background is in interior design and I still work in this business.

Working mostly with acrylics I take inspiration from the countryside around me. I use my phone to take thousands of photos That is what makes me want to start a painting. I like to use unconventional tools and layer the paint and use scraping and mark making techniques. I find vibrant colours such as turquoise and magenta sitting next to each other exciting and enjoy allowing the painting to emerge. Almost a form of pattern making and a study of the properties of the medium rather than a true representation of the subject. Though the subject is never lost. Visiting galleries and museums and looking at other artists work are a source for thought and experimentation. Smaller figurative work is interspersed with larger abstract pieces. I want to work on bigger canvasses going forward. I want my work to simplify to the essence of the of the properties of the medium and the magic of colour.

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