Ann Orrett United Kingdom
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I am a magnanimous despot, a magpie, a collector of images, talk too much, questionable sanity, semi-retired educator and an artist. I never fitted into any sort of academic box and if you saw me in the street, I'm not sure you would recognise any of the above. My current images are all related to everyday themes - family, shopping, walking in the High Peak, and poking fun with a dark twist.

I started my art career at school with a brilliant and inspirational art teacher and went on to do a foundation course at Tameside college. It was at the end of this course that my difficulties began. How do you choose which media to specialise in. I loved them all, I was good at them all, I wanted to push them and myself further. In the British Museum looking at the Egyptian glass I had a flash of inspiration and chose Glass with Ceramics at Stourbridge, I got in. Again I didn't quite managed to narrow it down I ended up doing figure drawing in the Fine art department, printing in the printing department, as well as the theory lessons on glazing and glass making as well as linking these all together in the kiln or in the glasshouse. Supporting it with welding in the engineering department and lots of polishing and grinding to make it sparkle. It was glorious and I loved it. What did I do with all this knowledge and ability - I taught Art. Mostly drawing, painting and ceramics initially, then textiles, photography, printing, and after some years and a sabbatical, electronics, product design, and eventually became head of faculty for Art, Design, Technology and Business. The one thing I hated was the paperwork. (Un-diagnosed Dyslexic). I loved the teaching, the creating with others, both staff and students and now... Well I'm back to doing what I love best creating images, objects and exploring. A thread that has woven though my work is home, family, the joy of creating and bright colours (my husband calls me a Fauve, ex Art Student, we met at Stourbridge!). Although there is so much more I want to explore deeper and develop skills some of which I have only a vague memory of. I'm working on it! (Website in flux at the moment - some of my images you will find on Flickr. Link below.

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