Ann Orrett Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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I am a magnanimous despot, a magpie, a collector of images, talk too much, questionable sanity, semi-retired educator and artist. I never fitted into any sort of academic or media box and use which ever media conveys my intentions best. My current images are all related to everyday themes - shopping, walking in the High Peak, trying to be sustainable, exploring ideas making them visually concrete

I'm inspired by a whole range of images seen from a different angle or combined. Photographs are my sketchbook I like the immediacy of the image I think this is because I'm neuodivergant, Sketching is great and I like using my field box to add colour but these tend to be on sheets of water colour paper and my relief prints of found objects, sketches and photographs get uploaded onto my computer where I can control and explore composition, colour and context with more abandon. Here if I'm not happy with it I can reconfigure the elements to develop and externalise my ideas. The resultant images can then be printed on Canvas or made into Gelicee prints. I'm not afraid to experiment with things and methods to get exactly what I want. Although I have found that this method often excludes me from exhibiting as curators and institutions consider this " not original work" or assume it's AI generated and don't value the computer tools and skills I use to form the images I produce. I disagree but it doesn't give me wall space. However I continue to hone my skills in a variety of media refine my compositions, colour choices and manipulate images to explore concepts. I'm currently still trying to build a website to best show my images but for some of my images and photographs feel free to go to my Flickr account link below:

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