Ashley Karrell West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Ashley Karrell is an award-winning Creative Director in Visual Art, Photography, Theatre and Film with a career spanning over 15 years. He has produced a broad spectrum of work that includes art exhibitions, commercial and experimental video productions, and mass participation pieces across and outside of the UK.

The diverse aspects of Ashley’s work have enabled him to successfully navigate all the dynamic changes that are taking place in the cultural industries today:  from increased pressure on budgets, to the increasing need for equal access to arts and culture, to the importance of feminism in society. Ashley’s versatility, knowledge, creativity, application and ability to problem solve, all enhance his distinctive blend of experience and broad perspective, culturally, socially and aesthetically. His practice of delivering large and small-scale productions at public exhibitions, events and festivals, and pursues work, which explores ideas of community, is socially engaging, and internationally-minded concepts. His art aims to celebrate peoples’ individuality and uniqueness without artistic boundaries, letting their narratives, personalities and truths become the focal point.

Expression of You is a 30-year living art project that provides individuals with the opportunity to release the stigma, societal labels, and stereotypes by sharing ‘Their Truth’ in the way they want to be seen. It is a celebration of the diversity, similarities, power, and subtleties of what it means to be a human. Ashley established the project 2010, as a celebration of the act of sharing through photographic portraits, documentary videos and first-person writing. It is a time capsule that has witnessed the truth of over 350 female and Non-Binary participants so far, aiming to work with overall 15 000 souls over the next 20 years.

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