Judy Boyt Wiltshire, United Kingdom
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Sculptor, artist working in bronze, resin, clay and drawings. Figurative and semi figurative human and animal world. Working in monumental scale down to small size with bronzes in the public realm such as Evocation of Speed in Epsom Town Centre and Rebellion in the City of London. In process of developing new works using my experiences and knowledge. Workshops on equine anatomy and sculpture.

I work on either a large scale or small and for both private or public clients. I sculpt portraits of animals starting with the observation of the animal in life , drawing to understand the anatomy and character of the subject then sculpting a smaller maquette in wax with the live animal in front of me. This maquette along with the drawings to creating a larger sculpture.


Evocation of Speed celebrating the Derby horse race at Epsom, Bronze, 2000, N/a


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