Benjamin Harrison Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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Ben Harrison as a visual artists working with murals, paintings and print. Currently based in his studio in Artwork Atelier, Salford.

In my recent work I’ve begun to explore variations of a simple form or motif. Repeating things over and over, these explorations are a creative challenge to see how I can continually re-invent the same shapes, stretching and distorting them, mutating them to see how they evolve, while remaining related to the original idea. These shapes act as a tool, I use them as areas within which to work across a range of spaces and formats that are new to me. The repeated forms work as a signature, serving as a playground to explore concepts and artistic formal elements while tying my works together as a complete body, allowing me to work in a few different directions while still exploring the same ideas. My mural works are flat, graphic and abstract images, using the forms and patterns to inhabit large or unusually shaped spaces and creating a framework for collaboration with other artists. My paintings and drawings use the forms depicted in physical space as ways of exploring liminality, the uncanny, and to subvert certain tropes within the world of visual art, social media and fashion photography.


Pot in yellow stripes, silk screen print, 2017


Font Bar/New Wakefield Street Mural, aerosol and emulsion on wall, 2017


Projects and exhibitions


Collier's Yard Mural

02/07/2017 — 15/07/2017

The project was part of the development of the area outside the Eagle Inn and Blueprint Studios in Salford. The commission came from Salford City Council and Renaker Builds Ltd to put together a team of artists based in studios around the area to create and install a mural around the old Collier Street baths. The brief was to create an eye...

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Collier's Yard, Greengate, Salford Details
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