Caroline Casswell Somerset, United Kingdom
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As an artist and crafts person most of my adult life in a variety of disciplines, in the past 20 years I have been concentrating on working in two different areas.. CERAMICS creating mosaic pictures using my hand painted ceramic tiles, which are fired before breaking to create the design. and POLYMER CLAY, producing jewellery and recently miniature land and seascapes.

I am a self taught artist with a constant curiosity, I have enjoy experimenting and dabbling over the years in a variety of disciplines, including woodwork, screen printing, lino cutting, however in the past 20 years I have concentrated on two areas, mosaics and polymer clay jewellery and more recently miniature land and seascapes. With the mosaics I have always only worked with my hand painted tiles as I especially enjoy the painterly quality that I can produce. the process starts with plain tiles which I paint with an on-glaze colour and then fire in a kiln, this gives me the wide range of colours as my palette, I generally use off-cut ply boards as the base and glue the tiles to it, including the edges, before finally grouting with a coloured grout. The polymer clay jewellery is formed using a variety of techniques to make 'canes' {sticks of rock} which are then sliced and arranges in a pattern to make the beads I finish the item by threading onto strong wire and adding glass beads and sterling silver findings. the miniatures, also in polymer clay, have been a recent development, and give me an opportunity to use this medium in a unique slightly abstract way..


self portrait 1, Paper, 2021


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    Curious Creatives retreat

      Workshop  |    15/07/2024 to 19/07/2024

    An exciting opportunity to immerse oneself for 3 full days, in an inspiring location, and learn a variety of new skills, and join a group making mosaics

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