Caroline Brogden - Contemporary Jewellery South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Caroline is an established jeweller based in Yorkshire with a passion for coastal life. Her work has drawn her back time and time again to her love of surfing and exploring the British coastline. Her current focus is a collection of collaborative work with Jay Burnett a Scottish Surfboard shaper. Caroline is using the waste resin ‘Surfite’ produced during the manufacture of the surfboards.

Eye-catching jewellery inspired by the coast with a sustainable story to tell.

Layers of multi-coloured waste and surplus resin leftover from the production of surfboards (known as Surfite) are rescued from landfill before being hand carved to create unique and contemporary pieces of jewellery.

This sustainable process combined with a passion for being part of a circular economy captures my bold signature style, and highlights the intrinsic beauty of this material with its random colour combinations and hidden surprises.

There is no casting or pouring involved; each piece is meticulous carved by hand from raw chunks of solid Surfite before being polished to a highly tactile, shiny finish. Precious metals are added to provide integral strength and form.

It’s about creating one of kind pieces with a low-carbon footprint, but it’s also about making people smile by producing highly wearable, tactile, jewellery that evokes the palette and patterns of the coast.


Surfite Collection, Surfite and Sterling Silver, 2020


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