Charlotte Dawson United Kingdom
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Charlotte Dawson (b.1997) is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in sculpture. Having Graduated from Norwich University of the arts in 2018 Charlotte has gone on to complete a graduate residency and exhibit her work in multiple national venues. Charlotte Is currently part of the Into the Wild 2020 Cohort with a creative practice that utilises the communicative nature of objects.

Charlotte's practice is inspired by and references objects that we interact with in our daily lives. These can range from personal heirlooms, household appliances to objects found in the public realm. A key part of Charlotte's practice is the creation of multiples, often producing a series of sculptures or singular pieces with reoccurring themes and components. The use of the multiple signifies both an act of collecting and the re occurrence of objects within space. This is particularly prominent in her pieces inspired by street furniture. Her work often focuses on objects or details that remain largely overlooked and that evade attention whilst existing within our day to day.


Under-side, Under-stood, Jesmonite, MDF, Textured Wallpaper, Printed material, Spray Paint, 2020


Set In Sediment, Concrete, Expanded Polystyrene, Aggregate, Ceramic Shards, Concrete Dye, Moving Image, , 2019


Encircle, Synthetic Fabric, Heavy Duty steel Hooks, Polyethylene tube, Soil , 2019


A word of mouth in plain sight, MDF, Plaster textured wallpaper, Emulsion paint, vertical blinds, Plaster, Diall Hand held cleaners, 2019


Lumber, Bronze, Beech & Aerated Blocks, 2018


Ten to One, Imperial Leather Painting, Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Plastic Zip, 2019


Projects and exhibitions


Under-side, Under-stood

30/03/2020 — 05/04/2020

Under - Side Stood ​ Was an Exhibition supported by S1 Artspace, Sheffield as part of the Studio Holders Takeover 2020, This exhibition took place entirely digitally in response to the developing situation around social distancing due to Covid - 19. ​ These pieces were produced with support from York St John University...

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S1 Artspace, Sheffield Details

Bloc Projects Members Show 2019

19/07/2019 — 02/08/2019

Bloc Projects Members Show 2019, Sheffield Donghwan Ko, Charlotte Dawson, Jill Tate, Mandy Gamsu, Gemma Mackenzie, Jenifer Bailey, David Orme & Kedisha Coakley

Selected by guest curator Eva Rowson

The exhibition brings together recent works from eight artists who all have different approaches to making using sculpture, collage, ceramics...

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Bloc Projects, Sheffield Details

Set in Sediment

22/02/2019 — 02/03/2019

Set in Sediment excavates the material language of Stoke-on-Trent, transforming the gallery into a space of explorative navigation containing multiple sculptural infrastructures, alongside cultural debris, fabric and moving image pieces. Set in Sediment in part is comprised of materials sourced from the earth of many post industrial sites...

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Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent Details

Bloc Projects Members Show 2018

20/07/2018 — 04/08/2018

Bloc Projects Members Show 2018, Sheffield Bede Robinson, Caitlin Merrett King, Cat Roissetter,Charlotte Dawson, Clare Holdstock, Eleanor Breeze, Liam Aitken, Norman Anderson, Matthew Smith, Sian Williams

Selected by guest curator Kim McAlees

A Group Exhibition showcasing artists testing the boundaries of sculpture, painting, video,...

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Bloc Projects, Sheffield Details
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