Chiara Lauren Grant Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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I am a multidisciplinary artist interested in selling my Paintings in the future and hopefully becoming a successful artist working in Coventry and Warwickshire area. I am a good colourist and can draw very well. I have sold work in Leamington and Coventry and have good connections to Artspace Coventry listings 2019. I look forward to having opportunities through this website.

I have an MA Contemporary arts Practice from Coventry University and a BA in Fine Art also from Coventry University.

I am a painter by talent and draw very well like focusing on small images that have a painterly quality and detail encompassing my professionalism. I embellished my frames also and have been a competitor in many Coventry art prizes since graduating in 2015 from my MA.

I have a game idea to develop and would like the opportunity at some stage to work closely with Fab Lab or another fabricator to fabricate a game / art piece that involves and celebrates artistic understanding through fast and slow thinking subconscious and conscious. To make room in any individuals head space for developing basic brain training and personal confidence development. For people of all walks of life. Simple yet fun and adventurous As I am an adventurous person creative talented and fun. I relish all types of work through theatre to art previous interests and experience have been working for working backstage in theatre and volunteering for galleries and creatives in the arts creative business. I love being good at what I can do.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you Chiara Grant


On demand , Acrylic, 2019, £100


For sale