Chris Wilmott United Kingdom
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I make paintings of frolicking fish. Based on visions captured in my word sketches of rising sea levels affecting heritage and personal lives; nature impacting humanity. My vertical diptychs rise up the walls of stairwells, board and dining rooms. I collaborate; in the field of art / science. Swiss poet Robert Fred responds to my paintings in his verse. I redefine Landscape and Seascape.

My visual language is based on fish. I explore the future world of rising sea levels. Using broken colour and line, exploring pictorial space for expressions of emotion, disruption and depth, since the sea is Deep . My work allows new approaches to the interior design of stairwells and dining rooms, with single paintings disrupted into Diptychs. I collaborate with Swiss poet Robert Fred and across the boundaries of video, puppet theatre and other media. Changing climate threatens heritage and also the personal lives of everyone and their descendants, irrespective of social marker; nature is indiscriminate in its impact on us, as evidenced by Covid. I hope to use visual art to support citizens in motivating change in the face of nature’s challenges. I support art / science collaboration to find new ways to communicate to everyone, as well as the UNESCO Decade of the Ocean. I am a board member of Climanosco and a Fellow of the Royal Society.


Fish & Bahnhof, #4, oil on canvas, 2021


For sale

Fish IV, Oil on board, 2019


For sale
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