Chris Avis London, United Kingdom
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I am a London based artist who uses photography, digital manipulation, and sound to create images, video, and installations. Searching beneath the surface by unpacking the layers that we keep secure is a fundamental aspect of my work. Often nostalgic, sometimes beautifully melancholic, I make tender unsettling images drawn from my reflections of human behaviour.

Using multiple layers of digital manipulation on my photographs I paint with pixels to create digital prints. My moving image work takes these visuals through slow mesmeric animation to quietly unfold a narrative.

As a woman my interest in female identity has grown from studying the frozen expressions on mannequins, to looking into the lack of self-esteem in many older women, through to working on intimate relationships between mothers and daughters. My work on anxiety and depression in ‘Voices in the Shadows’ (2019) delved into the hidden world of domestic abuse. While work selected for Compassionate Funerals, a solo exhibition in 2024, considered the use of memory, dream, and loss, to articulate a narrative. Seemingly in contrast, work on environmental threats uses the same layered approach, here the viewer is left with the desolate haunting beauty of destruction. My work often challenges the viewer to reflect on hidden emotions.

For six years, from 2013 I worked closely with the Park Theatre in London who hosted three solo exhibitions for me covering mental health, older women and relationships between mothers and daughters. During this time I also took part in two German Contemporary Art Festivals ‘Schlachten’ held near Berlin.

In 2014 I devised and directed a Barbican Guildhall Open Lab and in 2015 this work was shown at Rich Mix, London. In 2013 a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship funded six weeks of research to explore the potential opportunities available to older artists across Europe. This involved interviews with artists, museum curators and gallery owners in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Berlin.


No Way In, Digital print on archival paper, 2020


Voices, digital print on archival paper, 2019


Shrine, Collage dried roses paper and wire on canvas, 2019


Pain, Digital print on archival paper, 2018


Projects and exhibitions


ATTIC Theatre International Film Festival 2023

13/10/2023 — 15/10/2023

My short Film ' We've Come along Way' was awarded Best Experimental Film in the festival Of course I was delighted to receive the award but one of the highlights for me came with the discussion I was able to have with the organisers, a mixture of artists and film makers who had organised a professional event in a superb setting.

Carmarthenshire Wales. My Application was through Curator Space but it was also on Film Freeway, Newcastle Emlyn Details

Voices in the Shadows

01/02/2019 — 31/03/2020

The Park Theatre, London Details

Power of Women ' Moving Image Margate'

06/03/2016 — 13/03/2016

Margate House, Margate Details
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