Christine Pike, MA Norfolk, United Kingdom
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I am an artist and freelance curator. I hold an MA in Contemporary Curation from Norwich University of the Arts. I have been sculpting professionally since 2011. My work is figurative and inspired by folklore and the natural world. I work mainly in paperclay, recycled materials and mixed media. I teach workshops in paperclay sculpting.

As a sculptor: I make work that tells stories. From tap-dancing mice to otherworldly beings my sculpture spans a wide range of subject matter and scale, with one central theme: a joyful appreciation of nature and our relationship to it, viewed through the lens of folktales and myth. I try to imbue my work with a sense of playfulness coupled with the occasional oddity, which is designed to unsettle the viewer while compelling a closer look. I work on a small to medium scale but also have a passion for the tiny and miniature. I have worked in clay for many years but, since 2021, have been exploring air dry paperclay. I now work almost exclusively in this medium, together with recycled and found objects, and mixed media. As an artist my intention is to make work that speaks to the quiet-voiced, the overlooked, the hidden - and says : "You are noticed, you are valued, you are loved." I exhibit throughout the UK and Europe and hold an MA from Norwich University of the Arts. I teach workshops in paperclay sculpting. Usually in West Norfolk but am willing to travel for groups.

As a Curator: Formally trained at Norwich University of the Arts I was resident curator at the Babylon Ballery, Ely from 2011 - 2014. Whilst there I created 2 touring combined arts exhibitions funded by ACE; "A Husk of Hares" and "In Grendel's Footsteps". I now combine my art practice with freelance curating and recently co-curated exhibitions for Anglian Potters and Greyfrairs Artspaces Kings Lynn. I specialise in working with community facing organisations that wish to break down barriers to accessibility of Arts consumption and education, particularly in areas where such opportunities are low.


The Universal Goddess, Paperclay, plastic doll, mixed media, 2023, £450

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Earth Spirit (detail), Paperclay, 2022



Hare Woman, Paperclay, 2023


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