Christine Thomas Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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Christine Thomas is a fine artist with a multi-disciplinary practice and often works with textiles. Her areas of interest include locational identity and the domestic, often from a feminist perspective and explore the use of nature and the domestic. She uses practice led research methodology to inform of her experimental processes with materials from a feminist perspective.

I create artwork as a semi-autobiographical expression of my own life experiences. I work predominantly in textiles and can remember sitting on the floor of my parent’s house sewing the hours away. This reminds me of a time of comfort and innocence, when creating and sewing was an instinctive process, something that has been part of my methodology throughout my artistic career. My artwork is created from a feminist viewpoint around the context of the domestic and the impact on women’s lives. I use textiles and stitch to address contemporary issues around domestic abuse, legislation and explore ways of communicating the imbalances within society. I use research methods to explore ideas, using books, articles, feminist projects and political developments to follow threads of interest which inspire me.

Alongside my ongoing practice with textiles, I also draw on my knowledge of nature and the outdoor world to explore rurality and the connection I have with the outdoors, I often include natural objects such as bramble, flora, water, and other elements to expand on the ontology behind the expression.

Although working predominantly in textiles, I often explore using mixed media to experiment with contrasting materials. While textiles have a feminine association, I experiment using materials associated with the masculine, such as concrete and nails. Previous works have often included combining textiles with various metals, rust and decay. I also use drawing, print and photography to inform my work and develop ideas, capturing moments and experiences from everyday occurrences. I often include text in my work, using the contrast of the visual and syntax to create impact that would otherwise be missing.

I am currently studying at the University of Derby for a Practice Led Fine Art Research Degree. This area of research is exploring visual methods to explore performitivity and Jane Monckton-Smith’s Eight Stages of Homicide in intimate partner relationships. This project explores the domestic setting and how abuse is hidden within the safe setting of the home.

Upcoming events

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    Neurotype Narratives Exhibition

      Institute of Mental Health  |    Exhibition  |    02/07/2024 to 23/08/2024

    Christine Thomas, a neurodivergent artist, was the recipient of an artist studio residency at BACKLIT, as part of a collaborative project between QUAD, BACKLIT and CANDAL to support a neurodivergent artist to develop her artistic practice.

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